Cylinder Security Cameras in Charleston

Cylindar Cameras Charleston SCCylinder security cameras and dome cameras share many of the same components and technologies. Where cylinder cameras exceed the performance of dome cameras is generally in the night vision capability. Because of the physical design and the ability to pack more electronics in them, they generally include longer night vision attributes than dome cameras do.

Cylinder security cameras also are much more visible and can work more as a visual deterrent then dome cameras normally offer because of their low profile. Cylinder cameras are much more venerable to vandalism because of these same attributes.

Make sure you find out from your contractor the following information about the cameras you’re purchasing.

  • What type of lens does it have (Varifocal or Fixed)?
  • Does it include an IR array (used for night vision)?
  • What is the Lines of Resolution (LOR) rating?
  • Is it at least IP66 weather rated?
  • What type of warranty is included?