AAA Installation offers data and networking solutions for homes and business in Charleston. We can help you with something as simple as setting up a network printer in your home to something more complex like flooding a remote building for your company with Wi-Fi coverage up to a mile away.

We are trained in the wiring and installation of Cat5e, Cat6 and Coaxial wire. AAA Installation also offers its clients a wire certification services and reporting when required. This service gives our clients peace of mind in knowing that the wiring that we have run is intact at the pre-wire stage and will support any of the data or telecom needs of our customers.

AAA Installation can help you set up your home or business network, install wire for the infrastructure and install Wi-Fi flooding devices to give you the wireless connectivity that you desire. We offer a wide variety of switches, routers, extenders and WAP’s.

Please contact one of our phone & data specialists at 843-972-0601 to help design a system to meet your needs or to help future proof your home.