Home Audio Speakers in Charleston

charleston in ceiling speakers by yamaha

AAA Installation works with leading manufacturers to provide a wide variety of home audio speakers to our Charleston clients. Whether you’re an audiophile or are just interested in background music, we can match a product to meet your needs and your budget.

We offer a wide a virety of home audio speakers including: in-ceiling , in-wall , on-wall, sound bars, wireless and outdoor home audio speakers. We also offer free standing speakers, floor standing sub-woofers and hidden in-wall scharleston outdoor speakers by yamahaubwoofers that you can’t see.

We are Authorized Dealers for Yamaha & Sonos in Charleston SC which offer many of the highest rated audio speakers for homes and businesses. AAA Installation prides itself in highly rated customer service that we provide to our clients.

Call us today to discuss your home or commercial audio speaker needs.