NVR-Network Video Recorders in Charleston

NVR- Network Video Recorders Charleston SCNVR-Network Video Recorders are taking the surveillance market by storm. These system offer many benefits over DVR in that they can record at much higher resolution rates and in many cases for longer periods of time when using network storage as a means of archiving video.

These recorders can be solely network based and be comprised of software only or they can also be hardware based and hold their storage internally. They type of NVR is normally determined by the application, amount of cameras needed and the locations of the cameras.

Because of these systems need of network connectivity, they might not be the best fit for all clients. They can put a strain on bandwidth and have the possibility of slowing down computers and VoIP phone quality.

It’s best to speak with an expert in this field to help determine the best fit for your application. AAA Installation is standing by and ready to take on any challenge your project demands.